Case Study

Life Insurance buyer personas
sixQ in Action at Boston Mutual
For Boston Mutual Life, sixQ helped understand buyer personas for individual life insurance.

Step One


Step Two


Step Three


Step Four


We examined Boston Mutual’s desired outcomes—such as loyalty and premium size. We then developed a survey assessment model.

sixQ loaded 1,000 survey responses directly into the cloud-based software.

sixQ performed cluster analysis on the buyer persona sub-dimensions to identify meaningful patterns. Then we performed multiple regression analyses and provided descriptive statistics, such as averages and distribution, in the sixQ cloud-based software.

We presented preliminary results in sixQ with tactics mapped to strategies to provide clarity on implementation (how) in addition to strategy (what, why). A sixQ PhD then facilitated a working session with Boston Mutual’s Persona Steering committee, which agreed on the key findings and subsequent changes to implement.

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