On a mission to advance the science of asking and answering important business questions.

Introducing QuestionScienceSM

Executive decision making is about asking the right questions. Until now, no scientific approach to ask and answer important management questions existed.  Leveraging the study of six question-types across disciplines (journalism, education, narrative theory), we introduce QuestionScienceSM as a systematic approach to ask and answer the six most important questions involved in management decisions.  Our research reveals a systematic structure to asking and answering six question-types to understand strategy (what, why) and implementation (how) in context (when, where), while providing insights to the right people (who).

How is QuestionScienceSM applied?

First, QuestionScienceSM is the backbone our assessments and software. Second, we’ve summarized the practical implications of our scholary research on QuestionScienceSM in an ebook (discussed immediately below).

The Top 10 Lessons from Question-Based Management You Can Use Every Day

How using the right questions can speed up decision-making, streamline meetings, make collaborations productive, and lead to the right answers every time.

In this eBook, sixQ—the company that connects people with answers for competitive advantage—shows you how to use Question-Based Management (QBM) to make any meeting, phone call, project—or just about any important decision—produce the right kind of outcome.

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Our Peer-Revied Scholary Research

For those of you that want to review the academic research, here it is.  Dr. Glibkowski, sixQ CEO and founder, and academic colleagues have an active research stream examining QuestionScienceSM, the systematic approach to ask and answer important business questions.

Dr. Glibkowski’s seminal article introduces QuestionScienceSM as a systematic approach to ask and answer the six most important questions (what, why, how, when, where, who) involved in management decisions.

Theorizing 21st century Human Resource Development

The seminal QuestionScienceSM article was selected for inclusion in a special issue of the Academy of Human Resource Development, focusing on innovating thinking, emerging issues, and debates that will shape 21st century Human Resource Development.

Article Abstract

In an expert study, Dr. Glibkowski interviewed the top golf instructors in the world as rated by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine to understand the role of the six question-types in learning and knowledge transfer, with implications for any business.

Article Abstract

Dr. Glibkowski applies QuestionScienceSM to business education for undergraduates.