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Thought leadership articles from leading academic journals and trade magazines are identified and analyzed for answers to the six question-types central to decision making (what, why, how, when, where, who).


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Balancing Ethical Uncertainty: The Dance of Interprofessional Roles

Article Source: Payne, C., & Farrell, K. (2015). Balancing Ethical Uncertainty: The Dance of Interprofessional Roles. Hospital Topics, 93(4), 77–83. JOUR. (view source)

The featured article is examined for answers to six question-types associated with decision making at hospitals to improve interprofesional (IP) collaborations between nurses, doctors, social workers, pastoral care, genetics counselors, and others. Specifically, the analysis identifies the strategy (what, why) and implementation (how) associated with IP collaborations in context (when, where), while identifying who needs the insights.

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