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Every Assessment should Ask and Answer six-Question Types

Every decision maker has important questions. Whether it’s competencies, culture, engagement, a sales program, or any other management framework, the sixQ Platform enables you to understand the strategy (what, why) and implementation (how) in context (when, where), while providing insights to the right people (who). sixQ Consultants use our software to transform questions into answers across all phases of the assessment lifecycle–develop, collect, analyze, and report.

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Mentoring Assessment Example

Understand the effectiveness of mentoring strategy and implementation by asking and answering six-question types (what, why, how, when, where, who).

Mentors provide career development, role modeling, and social support to mentees. Mentoring has been found to be important to a number of important outcomes such as mentee job performance, job satisfaction, and turnover intention.

Can you develop your people frameworks into assessment instruments that ask all six question-types?

Do you know which survey items are optimal to collect data on each of the six questions?

When you analyze your data do you know which questions are associated with which statistics?

When you report do you know which questions are best associated with each data visualization?

If you’re like most people,
you probably answered
no to those questions.

So how do you get to yes
on all those questions?

It’s simple—sixQ.

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