How is sixQ Different?

The sixQ Innovation

sixQ is not people assessments as usual, assessments that are not fully appreciated by, or relevant to executives, middle management, and employees. The sixQ innovation is simple, and like most disruptive innovations hiding in plain sight—the entire assessment lifecycle should be designed to ask and answer six question-types. That’s it.

Whether it’s competencies, culture, engagement, a sales program, or any other management program, sixQ enables you to understand the strategy (what, why) and implementation (how) in context (when, where), while providing insights to the right people (who).


sixQ answers an organization’s most important business questions using a custom and scientific assessment.

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Based on our founder’s published academic research, sixQ introduces a systematic approach to ask and answer the six most important questions (what, why, who, when, where, who) involved in management decisions.

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sixQ Assessments are run on our proprietary software platform that is used to generate analyses and data visualizations for feedback reports.

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Thought leadership articles from leading academic and trade magazines are analyzed.

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CASE STUDY: sixQ in Action at Boston Mutual

For Boston Mutual Life, sixQ helped understand buyer personas for individual life insurance.

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